Two expert fools take their young audience on a site-responsive field trip, exploring their local landscape in search of a rare egg, finding laughter and wonder in the most unexpected of places.

Become an expert, help lead a trip into the unknown, and take control as you shape what happens in the show. This playful production puts its young audience in the driving seat, responding to their decisions using character clowning, interactive puppetry, improvisation and adventure.

We are pleased to welcome the Argyll-based Tenterhooks company to Puppet Animation Festival for the first time.

… it was fantastic fun from beginning to end… it was a fab adventure, you captured all the little imaginations.. a real delight. Deserves to run and run and run! – Audience member

  • South East

    North Edinburgh Arts

    Tuesday 10 April, 1.30pm


    Call: 0131 315 2151

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