Galoshins battles with his adversary, the mighty Admiral, but their encounter does not end well for our protagonist. Someone must be found to revive our hero, Dr Brown, the finest and the funniest doctor in the town. As comic routines abound, this unconventional medical fixer-upper, who’s partial to a wee fish supper, helps bring the play to a happy end. Everyone promises never to fight no more and be good as brothers as we ever were before!

This culturally significant Lowland Scots folk drama is told vividly by Sokobauno’s master puppeteer Shane Connolly using glove puppetry, live music and rhyme, and is the result of a residency at the Scottish Schools Archive.

I could watch your work all day. – Richard Medrington, Puppet State Theatre, 2017

  • South East

    Rannoch Centre

    Tuesday 3 April, 1.30pm

    0131 339 5351

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  • South West

    Cumbernauld Theatre

    Thursday 5 April, 1.30pm


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  • West Coast

    Lochgoilhead Village Hall

    Sunday 25 March, 2pm

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