Kidnapped from the fresh blue river water to the salty green sea – the story of Cinderella shape-shifts its common international threads into the underwater world, where Mermarella is not the same as those she serves. Will she ever be the same and find love in this foreign kingdom? Must she really become something else to achieve her dream, or might her differences enchant and inspire the dances they all share?

Puppetry, shadow theatre, enchanting music plus a little help from the audience, bring this comic tale to its modern-day outcome, a charming production aimed at thinking families and the young at heart of all ages. After the performance audiences will have a chance to have a go with the puppets backstage. What would you like to happen next in Mermarella’s story?

One of England’s leading puppetry companies over the past two-decades, Hull-based Indigo Moon Theatre creates highly visual puppet theatre with a global flavour, promoting meaningful expression and the understanding of and empathy with new worlds.

This is the kind of theatre I would take my children to see, as it clearly tells a story through engaging poetic words filled with important messages about life – the invaluable knowledge that is not taught a school and that children and adults mustn’t forget. I will definitely be on the look out for their future performances. – Sofia Moura on The Jungle Book