Oscar is an inquisitive young mouse who loves adventures, so, when a mysterious object lands in the garden shed, he can’t help investigating and soon finds himself on a bizarre intergalactic mission!

Zimmy – a shy, green alien – has become stranded on Earth while searching the universe for Quagroon rocks. Can Oscar’s flair for problem-solving help him out of a jam? Join the two friends as they overcome their differences, learn all about the planets and the solar system, and finally face the Giant Ten-eyed Moon Slug on Planet Quagroon.

Mousetale Puppets is a professional touring puppet theatre based in central Scotland. With lively, vibrant shows, designer and performer David Stewart brings his own adventure stories to life with charming puppet characters and glow-in-the-dark ultraviolet effects. Established for over fifteen years, Mousetale Puppets tours extensively throughout Scotland and the UK, regularly presenting its work at the Puppet Animation Festival.


Fresh, funny and bursting at the seams with vitality.

– Edinburgh Guide

  • South East

    Ebba Centre

    Saturday 1 April, 2.00pm

    £4/£12 (family)

    Call: 018907 71557

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    Haddington Corn Exchange

    Wednesday 5 April, 11.00am


    Call: 0131 665 2240

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    Online ticket purchases will incur a booking fee.

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  • South West

    The Townhouse

    Tuesday 4 April, 2.30pm


    Call: 01698 452299

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    The Catstrand

    Tuesday 11 April, 2.00pm

    £6/£3/£12 (family) £8 (adult & child)

    Call: 01644 420374

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