Oskar is a little puppy who leaves his snowbound home in the mountains in search of a friendly animal to play with. But most of the animals outside are hibernating and the only ones Oskar meets are more interested in eating him than playing with him.

But luck is on Oskar’s side – when running away from a hungry fox he falls down a hole in the ground and lands on top of a young marmot asleep in its burrow. Despite this rude awakening, the marmot forgives Oskar, and with her amazing digging and whistling skills, helps the puppy evade the fox and reunite him with his family. But then Oskar has to be patient while he waits for spring when Marmot will wake up from her long winter’s sleep so they may play together.

This new, original piece of theatre for young children and their families features Theatre Fideri Fidera’s characteristic mix of physical theatre, comedy, music, song and audience involvement throughout. Founded in 2014, the company aims to create accessible, entertaining, engaging, inspirational theatre which offers a shared experience for both children and their families.