The Little Fawn Caravan - Sokobauno Theatre - Sat 2 April 2016 -2998 (photographer - Andy Catlin

The Little Fawn Caravan is a self contained theatre space which can be used for two performances, with a workshop being brought indoors. Please chack venue listings to find out which performances and workshops might be visiting you!

The Little Fawn adopt miniature theatre techniques, shadow cuts and original music to help re-imagine this classic of fairy-tales. For this new show the interior of the caravan is transformed into a magical forest environment creating a special immersive experience for our audiences from the moment they enter the space.

Our version is taken from one of the earliest iterations of the story, with new characters and some unfamiliar twists. As well as original music written for clarinet and percussion The little Fawn have also explored new paper theatre techniques and animated shadow sequences to create a visually rich experience.

The Little fawn Caravan was created by Shane Connolly Artistic Director of Sokobauno Puppet and Object Theatre in 2012. Since his graduation in Puppet Theatre Arts in 2002, Shane has worked as a designer, maker, actor, puppeteer, performer and professional musician. Sokobauno have collaborated with many theatre companies throughout the UK and Ireland and Shane is a regular performer for Norwich Puppet Theatre and Upfront Puppet Theatre, Penrith. In 2015 The Little Fawn travelled to Europe’s largest puppetry festival, the caravan tours regularly at UK puppet festivals and various community and cultural events internationally.

“The highlight for me was The Little Fawn Caravan. Not just because it is a wonderfully intimate space in which to view a performance. Shane Connolly’s two shows were masterpieces!”

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  • North East

    Woodend Barn

    Thursday 6 April, 11.00

    £5/£15 (family)

    Call: 01330 825 431

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    11.00am - 11.20am Performance 1, 12.00pm - 12.50pm Workshop 1, 2.00pm - 2.20pm Performance 2, 3.00pm - 3.50pm Workshop 2

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  • South East

    Lochgoilhead Village Hall

    Sunday 26 March, 2.00pm

    £7/£25 (family)

    Visit Website

    There are four events, two workshops and two performances. To book please call 01301 703 250

    Book online

    Out of the Blue Drill Hall

    Monday 27 March, 10.30am

    £3/£4/£10 (family)

    Call: 0131 555 7100

    Visit Website

    10.30am -10.50am Performance 1, 11.10am -12.10pm Workshop 1, 2.10pm -2.30pm Performance 2, 2.50pm -3.50pm Workshop 2

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    Newington Library

    Saturday 8 April, 10.15am

    Free but ticketed.

    Call: 0131 529 5536

    Visit Website

    Tickets can be reserved online or in person at the Library.

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    Arts South Edinburgh: Gilmerton Community Centre

    Tuesday 11 April, 10.30am

    £1/£1.50/£4 (family)

    Call: 0131 664 2335

    Visit Website

    10.30am -10.50am Performance 1, 11.10am -12.10pm Workshop 1, 2.00pm -2.30pm Performance 2, 2.50pm - 3.50pm Workshop 2 To book please call 0131 664 2335 or email

    Book online

    North Edinburgh Arts

    Friday 14 April, 10.30am

    £2/£3/£5/£12 (family)

    Call: 0131 315 2151

    Visit Website

    10.30am -10.50am Performance 1, 12.00pm -1.00pm Workshop 1, 2.30pm -2.50pm Performance 2, 4.00pm - 4.50pm Workshop 2 To book please call 0131 315 2151 or email

    Book online