What if you had to tell a story, but you weren’t allowed to say any words? What on earth would you do? How could you tell your tale?

Come along to this visual storytelling workshop to find out! We’ll explore how we can use puppetry and object manipulation to tell stories. Starting with brilliant, funny adventure tales told by storyteller Naomi O Kelly (using words!), we’ll then challenge ourselves to stage these stories using no words at all.

Opening up The Magic Box of Things – a treasure trove of puppets, toys, colourful fabrics and objects – we’ll explore how we can put these lovely things together to make moving pictures that tell stories. Through creative teamwork participants will learn the very basics of visual storytelling. We’ll also play lots of noisy and silly games in the session – because you can’t be quiet for a whole two hours!

Two Detectives is a company based on the creative partnership of Naomi O Kelly and Ronan McMahon, making dynamic new performance, using storytelling, clowning, puppetry and objects.


Naomi is the best storyteller in the world!

– Young Audience Member


  • South East

    WHALE Arts Agency

    Tuesday 4 April, 10.30am

    £5/£2.50/£2 (local residents)

    Call: 0131 458 3267

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