The Wrong Trousers – Nick Park/UK 1993, 30′: In this Oscar-winning animated film, finances are tight at West Wallaby Street and Wallace is forced to take in a lodger. Unfortunately, the successful applicant is a penguin with attitude who turns out to be the notorious criminal, Feathers McGraw. When McGraw adapts one of Wallace’s inventions (an automated pair of ‘Techno Trousers’) and forces him to steal a priceless diamond, Gromit comes to the rescue. The finale sees a rip-roaring train chase through Wallace and Gromit’s house, as the famous duo attempt to bring down Feathers once and for all.

A Grand Day Out – Nick Park/UK 1989, 23′: Wallace takes a break from trying to decide on a holiday destination only to find he has no cheese for his crackers. The solution to both problems is a trip to the moon, with dog Gromit, because everybody knows the moon’s made of cheese.

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