Anna Sasaki, an introverted 12 year old girl, lives in a small Japanese town with her foster parents. One day during a summer holiday by the sea Anna starts exploring a nearby long-abandoned mansion. There she meets Marnie, a mysterious girl who makes Anna promise to keep their meetings and rapidly growing friendship a secret from everyone. As the summer progresses Anna spends more and more time with Marnie, eventually learning the truth about both their families and through this becoming reconciled to her own foster care.

Based on the novel by Joan G. Robinson, this beautiful anime, the final Studio Ghibli film, was nominated for the 2016 Academy Award Best Animated Feature Film.

“Every love story is a ghost story”, David Foster Wallace once observed, and that line would serve as a perfect epigraph to this film – not least because working out exactly what kind of tale it’s weaving is all part of its tender, whisper-delicate charm.

– The Telegraph

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