What makes a good human? Using the Golem myth for inspiration, this fundamental question is examined in a new immersive and participatory show which seamlessly blends story-telling, object theatre, clay modelling, live music and philosophy for children.

We firmly believe that children are natural philosophers and that theatre should embrace and explore challenging, juicy topics. We enjoy examining big questions with small people, and we mean just that. Each show is a genuine philosophical enquiry where children get to think for themselves about what makes a good person.

What’s Coming Out of the Box is based in southern England. We are female-led company creating work that relates to audiences in unusual ways and/or for unusual audiences. We serve food for thoughts dished up as immersive experiences, helping through the arts to create a more tolerant, supportive and happy society.

Awesome fun getting kids hands dirty and creating lovely positive ideas to encourage goodness & well-being” –  Audience Member

  • Tayside, Central and Fife

    Carnegie Hall

    Wed. 15 April, 11am

    All Tickets: £6.50

    Call: 01383 602302

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