A crankie is an old-fashioned storytelling art form that uses long illustrated scrolls, loaded into a box and hand cranked as a story is narrated. Characters are depicted by shadow puppetry and the revolving scenery is back lit by a simple light source.

There will be five stages to the workshop – story development, theatre building, scenic illustrating, puppet making and a scratch performance. Crankies and shadow puppets can be easy, quick and inexpensive to make. The materials used in this workshop
will predominantly be upcycled rubbish – cardboard boxes,
used wrapping paper and single use plastics. Participants are required to bring their own cardboard box of any size. Grown-ups accompanying children are very welcome.

Rachel Timney Stewart’s career has been an exciting weave of cross-disciplinary artistic practices grounded in educational workshop development and facilitation. Rachel is also Dino’s Learning Officer at Dynamic Earth, responsible for developing and delivering weekly craft and science workshops to children aged 6-14, aiming to scientifically inspire them and provide a safe place for them to explore their creativity.

  • Edinburgh and Lothians

    Out of the Blue Drill Hall

    Mon. 13 April, 11am

    Adult: £4 Child: £3

    Call: 0131 555 7100

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    WHALE Arts Agency

    Tue. 14 April, 11am

    Adult: £ 5 Concession: WHALE members £2 Child: £2.50

    Call: 0131 458 3267

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  • Glasgow and Strathclyde

    Maryhill Burgh Halls

    Thu. 16 April, 11am

    Family (2 adults & 2 children): £8 Child: £2.50

    Call: 0845 860 1891

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