a group of hands are joined together mixing flour above a table.

A fun way to learn about the basics of animation, in a family-orientated workshop open to everyone. No previous knowledge or experience is necessary, just enthusiasm and a sense of fun!

After a short practical introduction about how to draw and paint on film, with examples of what sorts of sequences of images are most effective, you will create your own section of animated film with easy to use materials. Participants will also use simple, effective foley techniques to record an accompanying soundtrack and music for the finished film.

Towards the end of the workshop, while your section of film is being edited with everyone else’s into one whole film, you can, if you like, assist the Cucinema company members to make a simple dinner of pasta with tomato sauce for all participants. Everyone then eats together and watched the film they have all contributed to the making of.

This workshop has been presented many times with great success around the world, from Spain to China, from Mexico to India. Come and enjoy sharing creativity and food with this leading Italian company.