a performer in a Lion is pulled by its arm by another performer.

What if your food started talking back? Meet Lionel the lion. He’s just eaten a human called Mamoru for lunch. Being very hungry, Lionel didn’t chew his food, so Mamoru is still alive and very well in his stomach, and now wants to say hello…

In a cuddly lion costume, Mamoru simultaneously plays the roles of the eater – Lionel the Lion who dreams of being a vegetarian, and the eaten – Mamoru the human, who loves meat. Occasionally interrupted by haunting puppets representing the animals they have both consumed in the past, the predator and the prey develop a firm friendship… until Mamoru gets totally digested. Lionel’s sorrow over the loss of his best friend does not last too long though, his lunch emerges with a triumphant fart!

With a surrealist, humorous storyline and imaginative puppetry, Eaten invites audiences to think about food, how it’s produced, what they eat and why.

Critics’ Awards for Theatre in Scotland 2017 (CATS): Nominated for best children’s show (5+)

“Add in Iriguchi’s straight-faced wit and his ability to combine childlike innocence and DIY sophistication, and what you get is an educational conceptualist entertainment for ages six and up that plays with the notion ‘you are what you eat.’” — The Times