three animated puppets stand on an animated shore. On the left a small spider, a mouse on a boat, and the Loch Ness Monster to the right.

It’s 1307. Scotland and its armies lie defeated, the country is occupied, and the people have lost their hero. Robert the Bruce has fled for his life and is hiding from the relentless English soldiers searching for him…

Answering a call for help, Oscar the mouse leaves his attic home and heads for Loch Ness where he finds Incy Wincy Spider among the ruins of an old castle. Myseriously swept back in time, Oscar joins Incy’s campaign to free the castle from English rule and restore Scotland’s independence!

Here, one of Scotland’s most evocative folk tales is imaginatively re-told with wit and char, by one of the country’s leading companies, using a combination of ultraviolet effects, shadow puppetry and Scottish music to weave a charming and magical story for all ages.

“A truly magical performance that left everyone desperate for Oscar’s return.” — Teacher, South Lanarkshire Small Schools.