How can a mother mouse keep her son out of mischief? She can’t! Oscar is irresistibly drawn into an underground myth when he receives a mysterious riddle to solve. Martin, a prince in the mole kingdom, needs Oscar’s help to find the beautiful Princess Emily. But the evil rat, Snotter, has plans of his own… Can Oscar beat him in the quest? Armed with nothing but a cream bun and an electric guitar, Oscar is determined to succeed, as well as have lots of fun along the way!

Touring extensively throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK with his lively, vibrant shows, Mousetale’s director David Stewart brings his own adventure stories to life in his own distinctive way, using ultraviolet effects, upbeat music and charming puppet characters. The company regularly presents its work at the Puppet Animation Festival.

Fresh, funny and bursting at the seams with vitality” – Edinburgh Guide