Grinter is a giant. She lives happily alone in her huge cold house, surrounded by her huge snowy gardens, enclosed by her high, frost-covered walls. She shuts out the world, because long ago, the world shut her out, and so she hides, safe and quiet in her peaceful, icy home.

Outside her garden’s towering walls, the world has been changing. There is very little green left. One day, the children – tired of playing on hard roads and grey rooftops – find a chink in the giant’s wall and climb through, changing the course of Grinter’s and their lives forever.

Inspired by the touching children’s story The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde, Bristol’s two leading family theatre experts use powerful storytelling, captivating puppetry, beautiful design, enchanting music and a sprinkling of audience interaction magic to explore an unusual friendship about how even the grumpiest giant’s heart can melt when Spring finally comes.

50 minutes of theatrical magic” – Sheffield Bigstamp

  • Highland and Islands

    Findhorn, Universal Hall

    Sun. 5 April, 2.30pm

    Adult: £7 Adult Concession: £6 Child: £5

    Call: 0130 969 1170

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  • Edinburgh and Lothians

    The Brunton Theatre

    Sat. 11 April, 2pm

    Adults: £8 Child: £7 Parent & Baby: £9

    Call: 0131 665 2240

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  • Glasgow and Strathclyde

    Rutherglen Town Hall

    Wed. 8 April, 2.30pm

    All Tickets: £7.50 Family (x4 tickets): £27

    Call: 0141 613 5700

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