a performer stands facing the camera in a lion costume made from various material.

An opportunity to play and experiment with make-believe and identity, a fun workshop which celebrates our innate delight in dressing up and trying out different ways of being.

We’ll begin with simple, enjoyable games and intriguing stories about intriguing people, and then we’ll use costume, fabric, props and music to invent new characters and see how they behave. We’ll also use giant sheets of paper and mark-making to sketch roughly around our foot prints and, using them, we’ll redefine ourselves magically, as whoever or whatever we’d be like to be today!

Today, I Am Someone Else is all about enjoyment – it’s for extroverts and introverts, and for everyone in between. Children and young people can engage in their own way – whether that’s quietly or with great gusto – in a supportive and joyful atmosphere.


Photography by Jassy Earl.