Towers might fall, eggs could smash, marbles will roll… but disaster can be avoided, with your help! Very Mild Peril is a series of playful, interactive stories told without words, for minor and major thrill-seeks of all ages.

If you like to whoop, if you have ever hollered, if you are prone to gasp, and especially, if you like to laugh, please accept our invitation to a world of Very Mild Peril… where one false move could cause a series of very mild disasters.

Very Mild Peril is an interactive theatre show designed for us all to find our way through together. An odd and mysterious host will guide you through all hazards using visual theatre, clowning, live music, games, objects, puzzles and a little magic.

  • Highland and Islands

    Inverness, Eden Court

    Sat. 11 April, 2pm

    All Tickets: £8

    Call: 01463 234234

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    Book online
  • Tayside, Central and Fife

    Adam Smith Theatre

    Thu. 9 April, 11am

    All Tickets: £6.50

    Call: 01592 583302

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    Book online
  • Edinburgh and Lothians

    WHALE Arts Agency

    Tue. 7 April, 2pm

    Adult: £5 Adult Concession: WHALE members £2 Child: £2.50

    Call: 0131 458 3267

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    Out of the Blue Drill Hall

    Wed. 15 April, 2pm

    Adult: £4 Child: £3

    Call: 0131 555 7100

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    Book online
  • Glasgow and Strathclyde

    Johnstone Town Hall

    Wed. 8 April, 2pm

    Adult: £5 Child £5 Book online